Dental Implants

Enhancement of the face and reversal of some of the signs of ageing can be achieved by surgical and non-surgical means. We provide a friendly environment in which we discuss your needs.


Who needs Facial Cosmetic Procedures?


Non-Surgical Facial Cosmetic Interventions


We carry out Botulinum injections (Botox) and Collagen dermal fillers. However, there are a large variety of procedures that may also be suitable for you, depending on the diagnosis, your needs and personal preferences. We endeavour to inform you of this if you require anything else and would refer you to an appropriate colleague. These include lasers, chemical peels and dermabrasions.


Facial Cosmetic Surgery


Depending upon your needs, we can supplement the non-surgical options described earlier with surgical interventions. This is done after a detailed consultation. Procedures which we offer include rhytidectomy (face lift), blepharoplasty (skin around the eyes), brow lifts, genioplasty (chin augmentation and reduction), rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery).


What is the patient journey with Facial Cosmetic Procedures?


A consultation is required to evaluate what, if any, intervention is required. We will formulate a plan together following my presentation to you of alternatives and a discussion of what to expect. Once this is done, we will put this in writing, including the cost involved and mail it to you for your confirmation. Treatment can then commence at one of the listed hospitals in North or Central London. Please contact us if you would like a consultation.